Bachelor Degrees

  • Under Law 4393/12, university degrees obtained by attending programs in recognized Colleges are professionally recognized by the Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP) of the Ministry of Education.

The Central Evaluation and accreditation Agency (ZEVA)

In 2017, the Central Evaluation and accreditation Agency (ZEVA)  Germany , has accredited the following Bachelor’s programmes  offered by the College of Maritime Transport and Technology: Maritime Transport Technology, Marine Engineering Technology  

European Commission

Both the educational and maritime training systems, and the certification systems adopted by the academy were accredited by the European Commission. Moreover, the recognition of the Academy as an academic nautical institution in accordance with the requirements of the European Union Parliament allows Academy graduates to work on EU vessels.

Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW)

The adoption of all maritime courses at the Academy and the amendment of certification in accordance with the requirements of the new standards adopted by STCW 1978 and its amendments and the State headquarters ministerial decision.

The Egyptian Certificate of Competency COC. Is approved and recognized as a white listed COC from the International Maritime Organization IMO

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