The Regimental System

The regimental system in the Hellenic-Arab Maritime is a vital part of the total educational experience of the cadet. The routine of the daily activities of the College is conducted on the basis of the traditional regimental system and is required to meet high standards of conduct and discipline.

The regimental system is designed to provide the cadets with leadership training and experience it is the process which assists in developing the qualities of self-discipline and responsibility through:

  • Discipline
  • Poise and confidence in one’s abilities
  • Obedience and prompt response to instructions
  • Pride in own self and one’s profession
  • Knowledge of one’s professional duties
  • An unyielding sense of duty
  • Military bearing and a pride in one’s personal appearance
  • Physical fitness and mental adjustment
  • Ability to work with other people, i.e. team work
  • Understanding of positive leadership skills
  • Ability to perform well under varied conditions

Although the cadet devotes the greatest portion of his daily schedule to academic pursuits, he finds that the regimental system also makes demands on his time. These two areas of cadets’ life, the academic and the regimental, are highly compatible and together produce this type of graduate, which is the Academy’s goal.

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