Marine Engineering Department

Marine engineering applies basic engineering principles to systems designed to operate in predominately aquatic environments. This includes not only all types of seafaring vessels, docks, harbors, freight-handling facilities, oil platforms, wind turbines and shipbuilding facilities, but also engines, motors, navigational and communications devices, rigging, tools, foul-weather gear and safety equipment.

Marine engineering employs techniques from many engineering disciplines. A four-year program may be sufficient to acquaint the student with the breadth of subject areas pertinent to marine engineers, but is unlikely to offer much depth in any single discipline. Basic courses include the following:

  • Engineering analysis principles
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Marine structures
  • Wave mechanics
  • Naval architecture
  • Ship dynamics

Programs offered by Marine Engineering Department

BSc In Marine Engineering Technology

BSc In Marine Engineering Technology

City Unity College, in cooperation with the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport and with the support of the Hellenic-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Development, established the first private Hellenic-Arab Maritime Academy in Greece. The goal of the Hellenic-Arab Maritime Academy is to provide high-level education combining academic teaching and practical training.