To be admitted to the Academy, a student must meet the following:

Student shall have good manners and shall have never been indicted for a crime.

Prospective students should:

  • Student shall be a holder of General Certificate of High school or equivalent (Science)
  • Have a High School certificate with an average of at least 12 with The compulsory courses for the English Language or English Literature / Chemistry / Physics / Mathematics and Mathematics (AS)
  • If candidates have a Technical High School certificate, they must have chosen Deck Officer orientation and the graduation grade average must be at least 12
  • Meet the requirements for English proficiency (level B2)
  • Complete the necessary medical examinations (cardiogram, chest X-ray, ophthalmologic test, hearing exam, urine test for drugs and alcohol, blood test) at the specialized ‘Diagnosis’ medical center in Piraeus where each candidate will be issued his health card

Student shall pledge that he will abide by the Academy’s systems and traditions.
Student shall submit all the documents required for admission.
Student shall pass the admission examinations of the Academy

The Academy’s Registration System comprises the following points: registration procedure, the educational load to be registered, omission, addition and withdrawal per course, and repeating course as follows:

Registration takes place after payment of tuition fees.  Registering courses begins one week before the beginning of the semester.  Registration comprises academic supervision, reviewing the student’s academic standing and payment of tuition fees.  Schedules are announced before the beginning of the semester.  Student must personally undertake registration procedures of his courses under the supervision of his academic supervisor.  Student must strictly abide by all the rules stated in the Registration Instruction Brochure issued by the Admission and Registration Deanery at the beginning of each semester.  If a student is unable to register on time, he is allowed a late registration period (first week of instruction) provided his excuse is accepted. In this case, he shall pay special registration fees

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