MSc in Ship Operation & Marine Safety Program

City Unity College, in cooperation with the Arab Academy of Science Technology and Maritime Transport and with the support of the Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Development, established the first private Hellenic-Arab Maritime Academy in Greece. The aim of the Hellenic-Arab Maritime Academy is to provide high-level of studies combining theoretical training and practical exercise.

Students who wish to upgrade academically their studies and wider their intellectual and professional skills may be enrolled to a Master Degree.

All MSc degrees are awarded by the Arab Academy of Science Technology and Maritime Transport.

The Master Degree Program by courses and thesis provides researchers with valuable opportunities to elaborate their career and gain advanced experiences.

The program is conducted in English and consists of a total of 42 credit hours spread over a minimum of four semesters:

Graduates of program have to pass successfully 10 courses each with 3 credit hours per course (8 core courses and 2 supplementary courses) in addition to the thesis with total 12 credit hours should be completed.

MSc programs are offered in different specializations.

One of the specializations is the MSc in:

Ship Operation & Marine Safety

The main aim of the course is to provide the student with relevant skills required to manage shipping management companies and to operate fleet safely and securely.

The course aims to provide students with advanced information and experiences in the following fields:

  • Management responsibilities of ship-owners, captains and seafarers
  • Security concept and security management
  • Concept of shipping management and management structure of shipping company and port
  • Structure of International safety management and port state control procedures
  • Types of ship surveying and marine insurance applications

Core Courses

MPI 758 | Marine Human Resources management
MPI 721 | Fleet Operation
MPI 724 | Ship’s Surveying
MPI 760 | Maritime Safety Administration
MPI 726 | Law of the Sea
MPI 729 | Port Operations Management
MPI 728 | Research Methodology
MPI 738 | Data Analysis & Processing

Supplementary Courses

MPI 757 | Quality & Safety Management Systems
MPI 755 | Marine Accident Investigation

Master Thesis

MPI902R | Master Thesis

All academic programs and professional courses of the Hellenic Arab Maritime Academy are taking place in the modern facilities of City Unity College in Athens, Thiseos 15-17, Syntagma Post Code: 10562.

Candidate students should have:

  • Certificate of the first university degree or equivalent qualification
  • Approved and stamped academic transcript,
  • Interview (via skype) with the Designated person of the Academy
  • Proof of English Language Competency i.e Proficiency degree
  • Curriculum Vitae (C.V) with academic qualifications and relevant professional or other experience.
  • Recommendation letter
  • ID Copy
  • City Unity College Application form

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