BSc In Marine Engineering Technology

City Unity College, in cooperation with the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport and with the support of the Hellenic-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Development, established the first private Hellenic-Arab Maritime Academy in Greece. The goal of the Hellenic-Arab Maritime Academy is to provide high-level education combining academic teaching and practical training.

Program Outline

Through the newly established Hellenic-Arabic Maritime Academy, City Unity College offers the four-year curriculum

BSc in Marine Engineering Technology + COC (Certificate of Competency) 3rd Engineer

By completing the specific curriculum, a graduate has the opportunity to work as a 3rd Engineer and then after 18 and 36 months of sailing/training on board a ship, respectively, as:

  • 2nd Engineer
  • Chief Engineer

The academic teaching is complemented by practical training that takes place in modern simulators as well as during the planned training trips in the 3rd year of study, on merchant navy ships or on the AIDA IV training vessel.

Because you are given the opportunity to obtain a BSc in Marine Engineering Technology – a degree recognized by the Hellenic Ministry of Education – and at the same time an IMO White Listed 3rd Engineer Certificate of Competency.
Our graduates possess the comparative advantage of having obtained degrees equivalent to world-renowned academies according to the international standards for practicing the maritime profession as defined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and thus have the ability to work as shipping company executives, on-board a vessel or ashore, in ports and organizations related to or operating in the maritime sector and the marine industries.

Under Law 4393/12, university degrees obtained by attending programs in recognized Colleges are professionally recognized by the Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP) of the Ministry of Education.

The Hellenic Maritime Career Center of the Hellenic-Arabic Maritime Academy, aims to offer professional support to bridge and engine cadets, as well graduates of the Academy by presenting them with various services in all stages of their recruitment and their professional career.

The main goal of the HMCC is to bring the cadets in touch with the graduates of the Academy – most of whom renowned professionals in the maritime sector. Based on our motto Theory-Practice-Theory, we focus on developing the professional career of students and graduates on-shore and on-board.
Qualified professional staff helps students prepare their CVs, arrange for interviews with shipping companies and tend to their continuing development through Career Development Workshops.

The HMCC, through partnerships with shipping companies and career services, aims to ensure that all students and graduates of the Academy have the opportunity to realize a brilliant career in the Maritime field.

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Prospective students should:

  • have a High School certificate with an average of at least 12
  • have chosen Deck Officer orientation if they have a Technical High School certificate and the graduation grade average must be at least 12
  • meet the requirements for English proficiency (level B2)
  • complete the necessary medical examinations (cardiogram, chest X-ray, ophthalmologic test, hearing exam, urine test for drugs and alcohol, blood test) at the specialized ‘Diagnosis’ medical center in Piraeus where each candidate will be issued his health card

The academic year is divided into two semesters. Students begin their studies in October and February. Courses are offered during morning and afternoon hours. The teaching language of the program is English.

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